Peterborough and its surrounding areas in Ontario, Canada, offer a unique blend of historic charm, outdoor beauty, cultural vibrancy, and community connectivity.

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About The Area

Peterborough and its surrounding areas in Ontario, Canada, offer a unique blend of historic charm, outdoor beauty, cultural vibrancy, and community connectivity. The city of Peterborough, with its rich heritage and beautiful architecture, provides a welcoming environment.

Residents enjoy an active lifestyle with access to numerous parks, trails, and waterways, making it an outdoor paradise. The region thrives as a cultural hub, featuring art galleries, theaters, and a dynamic events calendar. With a strong sense of community, Peterborough and its surroundings create an inviting and diverse living experience for those seeking a well-rounded and fulfilling lifestyle.

  • Historic Charm: Immerse yourself in the historic charm of Peterborough, known for its rich heritage, beautiful architecture, and vibrant downtown core.
  • Outdoor Paradise: Embrace an active lifestyle with access to a multitude of parks, trails, and waterways, offering a diverse range of outdoor activities.
  • Cultural Hub: Experience a thriving cultural scene with art galleries, theaters, and a calendar filled with events, festivals, and performances.
  • Community Connectivity: Enjoy a strong sense of community in Peterborough and its surrounding areas, fostering a welcoming atmosphere and friendly neighbourhoods.

We specialise in custom homes or cottages, renovations, and extensions tailored to the residential projects in Peterborough and the Kawarthas. Explore our services to bring your vision to life in this serene and inviting region.

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“Stu Shedden and his team worked with professional tradesmen and certified individuals on our behalf.”

Turnkey also completed all our enhancement requests we made, with the highest level of workmanship and integrity.


“The quality of Turnkey’s work has consistently been excellent, and the professionalism demonstrated by Stu and his crew is unparalleled.”

In each project, they have consistently delivered within the initially agreed-upon budget and timeline.


“Stu has a wealth of experience, knowledge and contacts"

He was always just a text or phone call away whenever we had any questions. He also provided a budget and we came in very close to what was estimated at the start.


“We could not be happier with our home.”

Turnkey’s expertise in every detail from permits to project completion provided great reassurance.


“All members of Turnkey take pride in their work.”

During our renovation staff operated in a warm, organised, and professional manner executing intuitive problem-solving skills.


“Turnkey made our multigenerational home dream a reality with their unwavering support and exceptional workmanship”

The whole family loves our new home and we would highly recommend Turnkey to anyone looking for a reliable and trustworthy builder for their home building or renovation needs.


“What sets Turnkey apart is their exceptional responsiveness.”

Whether it's during a project or even post-completion, a simple text or quick phone was all it took for them to be there helping us out. They stand behind their work and remain committed even after the final invoice is settled.


“Thank-you for my awesome studio. It couldn’t be better. I love it!”

From day one the Turnkey crew were professional and worked hard. I was very impressed with their work ethics and their excellent attitude. What a great team. I would recommend them to anyone